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Tecar Therapy - Radiation Frequency Treatment
Apostolos Kaplas

Tecar Therapy - Targeted Radio Frequency Treatment
A new, revolutionary method that offers immediate and fast results in recent years. It combines the use of high power antistatic and capacitive radio frequency, accelerating the normal metabolic process of the cells and relieving pain from the very first session.

The application of capacitive radio frequency is used in structures of the body that have a high content of fluid, such as muscle, vascular and nervous tissue.
The application of antistatic radio frequency acts on tissues that have high resistance, such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones.

It is suitable for every injury of our neuromuscular system, it is completely harmless as there are no side effects, painless, focused, it acts in a uniform way without loss of energy and the results are noticeable from the very first session!
It is used by many groups abroad such as UdineseFC, PerugiaFC, VareseBC because it significantly reduces the time of recovery of their athletes.


 Back pain
 Nerval rhizitis
  Rheumatoid arthritis
  Frozen shoulder
  Connective lesions
  Fractures - delayed wear
  Muscular sprains
  Trigger points
  Postoperative rehabilitation

  It works in depth
 Increases blood flow
 It increases the oxygenation of tissues
 It increases the elasticity of the muscular and tendonous tissue
 Reduces recovery time
 It is used with kinesiotherapy
 It is a painless and painless treatment method
 It can also be used to "warm up" muscles before and after sports for rehabilitation.
It can also be used to "warm up" muscles before and after sports for rehabilitation.