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The Doctor's Office
Apostolos Kaplas
Physiatrist Athens
In his private clinic the physiotherapist offers specialized services for rehabilitation of orthopedic, neurological, rheumatic diseases and sports injuries.
The clinic is contracted with the military funds (GES, GEN, GEA) and the port.
Services provided in the clinic include:
Electronic Prescription, Shockwave Therapy - Treatment with Extracorporeal Shockwave, Tecar Therapy - Treatment with Target Radiofrequency, PRP Injections - Pre-therapy - Mesotherapy, Restoration of Sports Injuries, Rehabilitation of Orthopedic - Neurological - Rheumatological Diseases, Otopilonism - Electrobuncture, Planning and supervision of a therapeutic exercise program.
In addition, there is a possibility of a home visit.

This is a machine that involves involuntary muscle control. Evaluates muscle activation as well as the sum of the imaging of the energy potential of the kinetic units. Machine that strengthens active muscle contraction and kinesthesia. Machine that rewards the patient with an acoustic signal during application. It is used for patients with neurological problems such as stroke to control the hemiplegic side. It is also used in patients with urological problems (incontinence).
T.E.N.S (Transcutaneous electrical nervous stimulation) Transcutaneous electrical nervous irritation:
They offer analgesia as special electrodes are placed on or near the pain site. They irritate the αδ and c fibers by releasing β-endorphins. Low-power electric pulses that irritate nerve endings. It is a painless stream and is aimed at controlling both chronic and acute pain.
Machine that is often used in an integrated recovery program. It stimulates tissues by means of electrodes applied to the skin
 Reduction of pain
 Stimulation of blood circulation
 Nerve stimulation in muscles (innervation-hospitalization)
 Muscular strengthening
The ultrasound has three properties: a thermal mechanical and an electrical. It works at a frequency of 1-3MHz. In pulsed or continuous broadcast. It is used accordingly with what the healer really wants to achieve. Hyperremia, microcirculation acceleration, increased elasticity of collagen structures are achieved. The therapist applies gel to the patient's area and surrounds the head around the affected area. It is a non-invasive treatment and is used to reduce muscle spasm.
Through heat, that is, heat increases the circulation of blood in the affected area by draining toxins into the lymph nodes. The temperature is increased locally in the application area, thereby improving the body's rate of auto-immune function.

















Therapeutical Workout
In the office area, a special exercise program is organized aiming at:
stretching of muscle groups
improving balance and propriety
mobilizing the joints
improving physical fitness
Visit our space and learn about all the details.