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Shockwave Therapy
Apostolos Kaplas

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)
Quick and Direct Relief and Pain Relief with F / RPW SHOCKWAVE THERAPY!
High intensity sound waves that have been successfully applied to chronic pain treatments since the early 1990s.
Focused shock waves stimulate the epidermal fibers of the peripheral nerves, resulting in triggering pain points in deeper but also superficial layers of muscle fibers, resulting in immediate bio-recovery of tissues having some musculoskeletal pathology.
In general, impact waves are defined as an acoustic pulse as they impact during the application of tissue therapy by activating physical body repair procedures. Parameters associated with the process of impinging this wave are pressure, energy density on the surface being focused, strength and power that are regulated by the physician.

Advantages of the Therapy
 Immediate relief from pain.
 Treatment with immediate improvement in patient mobility.
 Treatment without the need for hospitalization.
 Treatment for avoidance of direct surgery.
 Reduction in the use of pharmaceuticals.
 Treatment without side effects.
 Non-invasive treatment method without causing pain by the operator

By using the impact ultrasound is observed:
 Increased metabolism and blood microcirculation due to the expansion of small arterioles and capillaries.
 Dilution of limestones (deposition of calcium salts in the joint tissues).
 Acupuncture effect - anti-inflammatory action.
 Increased production of collagen in the tissues.
 In-depth action with the controlled focused emission of energy offered by the device. It is a treatment that does not require anesthesia and has no side effects.
Range of Treatments
 Triggerpoint’s  treatment
 Tennis/golfers elbow
 Bursitis trochanterica
 Anterior tibial syndrome
 Jumber’s knee
 Iliotibial Band Syndrome
 Scar tissue
 Erectile Dysfunction

How many sessions are needed?
ESWT treatment is usually applied in 3 to 8 sessions with a time span of the next session every three to seven days, but it may take longer, in chronic neglected cases, to achieve maximum therapeutic effect. The duration of treatment is 15 to 20 minutes.
The treatment hurts?
The application of shock ultrasound may give rise to a mild sensation of nausea pain at its onset, but with its development and appropriate modification of treatment parameters by the therapist, any pain or discomfort is eliminated. At the end of the session, a feeling of "burning like a hot pepper" is described in the treated area at the same time with a sense of relief.
Is there success?
There are worldwide clinical studies that confirm the positive outcome and effectiveness of treatment. The success rates of the method, where all other conservative methods have failed, amount to 85% or more.